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Where can I get the product?

We are only selling the product through big box and hardware stores.

When will product be available?

The ShopRover Stability Bracket will be available Summer 2021.

Does the product have a warranty?

Yes. The product has a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty.

What size vacuums does this product fit on?

This product fits on any cylindrical wet/dry vacuum ranging from 12" - 24" in diameter.

Do I need to cut or drill into my vacuum to install this product?

No. The Shop Rover Stability Bracket is installed with a velcro strap. It can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds.

I am interested in stocking this product, how do I contact ShopRover?

Please contact support@shoprover.com or sales@shoprover.com to talk to our technical or sales support team.


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