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We are here to help you reduce your everyday frustrations, starting with your wet/dry vacuum.



Where can I get the product?

We are selling the product through retail only. Product can not be purchased directly through the website.

When will product be available?

The ShopRover Stability Bracket is available now.

Does the product have a warranty?

Yes. The product has a 90 day manufacturer's defect warranty. See the bottom of the box for more information.

What size vacuums does this product fit on?

This product fits on any cylindrical wet/dry vacuum ranging from 12" - 24" in diameter. We recommend using it on vacuums 10 gallons and larger.

Do I need to cut or drill into my vacuum to install this product?

No. The Shop Rover Stability Bracket is installed with a velcro strap. It can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds.

I am interested in stocking this product, how do I contact ShopRover?

Please contact or to talk to our technical or sales support team.

Are there any special tricks for getting the hose into the bracket?

The bracket arm is designed to flex allowing for easy installation and removal of the hose. The bracket is designed to be opened and closed, without failure, for the life of the product.

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