Say No To Tipping


The ShopRover stability bracket give you an edge against cords.

It's the product you didn't know you always wanted.

  • STABILITY: The stability bracket attaches to the wet/dry vacuum which allows for easy navigation over cords, gravel and uneven surfaces.

  • STORAGE:  The stability bracket offers simple storage for the hose while not in use. Say goodbye to crimped and cracked hoses.

  • Save time, money and (most importantly) frustration.


ShopRover allows you to roll over:

  • Tangled Cords

  • Rocks And Gravel

  • Uneven Floors

  • Screws And Nails

Installation Is Simple

Step 1: Insert velcro strap

With the logo on the velcro strap facing backwards, feed the velcro strap through the slots in the bracket.

Step 2: Attach bracket to vacuum

Wrap the velcro strap around the bottom of the vacuum approximately 2 inches above the wheels. Once the strap is secured, the logo will be visible. The bracket should be directly under the hose. Make sure “this side up” indicator on the bracket faces the top of the vacuum.

Step 3: Insert hose into bracket

Insert the hose into the bracket arm. You are now ready to use your vacuum!

Note: The bracket arm can be pulled open for easy adjustment of the hose

Once the job is done, ShopRover can be used to manage the hose during storage.


ShopRover Wet/Dry Vac Stability Bracket

Packaging that sells itself

Bold packaging explains the stability bracket story. Included in the box is the bracket and velcro strap.

Fits on 10 gallon vacuums and larger

Physics Drawing Web V5-01.png

To be used on vacuums ranging in 12" - 24" in diameter.

Vacuum stability.

Added hose storage.

  • STABILITY: The stability bracket attached to your wet/dry vacuum allowing you to easily traverse over cords, gravel, and uneven pavement. 

  • STORAGE: Once your project is finished you can wrap your hose around the vacuum and place the tip in the bracket. No more tangled hoses during storage.   

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