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Reasons You Should Consider Using A Treadmill
By: Greg Hall on Tue Jun 3, 2008
Many people are opposed to running on treadmills for one reason or another but if they knew the benefits they would quickly change their tune. For me it is a matter of time and intensity, what I get for the same time on a treadmill versus walking or running. If I put the treadmill on an incline I can burn nearly twice the calories as I would walking or running on the street. Let’s look at some other advantages.

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With a treadmill you will never miss another workout due to inclement weather. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, sleeting, or snowing you will be comfortable running inside on your treadmill.

Your chances of injury are far greater running outside than on a treadmill that you have set up at home. Not only do you not have uneven ground to worry about when running outside you also have possible slip hazards and if you live in the city you have air pollution to be concerned with.

On a treadmill you can read or watch a tv show while you are exercising. This can make the time go by quickly and is making the best use of your time. If you need to study for a test in school, why not do it while you exercise.
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When you have a treadmill set up in your home you are not constrained to the times that the gym is open, you can get on the treadmill anytime you like.

From a health standpoint you don’t have to share the germs of dozens if not hundreds of other people. When you have a machine in your own home you only have your germs and those of your immediate family to be concerned with.

If you are self conscious about your body this is another reason you should consider a treadmill for your home. If you are the type of person who doesn’t feel they are in good enough shape you may forego the gym. With a machine at home you won’t have to worry about the perfect bodies.

You can set a good example for your children by showing them how important it is to exercise. They will more than likely pick up on your good habits, especially if you are doing it when they are young. Make it a family affair and include them in your exercise time.

Think about it, a treadmill of good quality can be bought for under a thousand dollars and you own it. A gym membership for a family can cost that much each year!
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