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Purchasing Video Game Consoles
By: Matty Marnik on Mon Aug 25, 2008
With such a wide range of entertainment options available, choosing the correct one can be quite confusing. This guide gives a run-down of each system's advantages to help you make an informed decision when buying a video game console.

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The first of the current market behemoths was the Microsoft XBOX 360. Thanks to its early entrance into the market, the back-catalogue of games is quite extensive. If you're looking for a wide variety of games, XBOX 360 is the way to go, although with time, other manufacturers and developers will soon close that gap. Beyond that, the XBOX has optional attachments such as a WiFi Ethernet connector, wireless headset, and an HD-DVD attachment to enable watching high definition movies (although it's important to keep in mind that as Toshiba will no longer be producing HD-DVD players and recorders, this is less of a selling point). The network aspect, going under the moniker XBOX Live offers access to a vast online gaming community that's won Microsoft many accolades for usability and the sheer size of the community.

Now, if you're less enthralled by the graphics and looking more for a fun and lively gaming experience (or predict that the many of the users of the system will be younger), I'd suggest that you have a glimpse at the Nintendo Wii. This pint-sized wonder has won over the gaming community with its revolutionary controls and interface. As the Wii's game-play is controlled by wireless motion detecting "nunchucks" (an evolution from the previous Nintendo Gamecube platform) and are ideal for group play. While there are still games marketed and suited to more mature audiences, the true strength of the little dynamo lies in the all-age-appropriate and party-centric games. For those of us old enough to remember a barrel-hucking ape named Donkey and an ambitious moustachioed Italian plumber named Mario, there's the option to re-live the magic by accessing the Nintendo Wii Online Portal, where aging gamers can download classic titles from Nintendo and Sega's golden age.
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All things considered, I'm going to have to nominate the Playstation 3 as the entertainment gaming bohemoth. The addition of a built-in Blu Ray drive for high definition movies (now the dominant HD format), means that the PS3 is an ideal choice for both your high definition home entertainment system and gaming alike. Built-in WiFi capabilities, Bluetooth (for headsets, controllers and Blu Ray remote control) and memory card readers (available on the 60GB+ models), mean that the need to purchase peripheries is diminished. Stacked with that many features out of the box gives the PS3 an edge over the competitors as it develops in the future. However, the game catalogue is only now building strongly, as initial launch dates were pushed back further and further, and inventory issues prevented a timely entry into the market. Nevertheless, the sheer power of this machine should appeal to both the power user, as well as anyone in the market for an entertainment center and not just a gaming platform.

Matty Marnik calls Tempe, Arizona home, where he works the night-shift at a tofu factory, but what he really wants to do is disect.
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